Why your business needs Cyber Security services?

With the use of technology, some degree of risk - often significant - is unavoidable.

The possibility exists that unauthorized users could obtain sensitive information through public access points and inappropriately utilize that information. The result of this activity could result in additional risk to organizations, including state and federal violations and a damaged reputation.

Every network is vulnerable to some style of attack. However, it is not sufficient to merely confirm that a technical vulnerability exists and implement countermeasures; it is crucial to repeatedly verify that the countermeasures are in place and operating correctly throughout the secured network.

Cybercrime techniques are constantly evolving as new technologies are introduced and networks become more complex.

Organizations need an experienced and trusted partner in their constant struggle to counteract the increasing risks of hacking, cybercrime, corporate espionage, malicious destruction, and compliance with mandated regulations. Marcum Technology offers a complete solution regarding team experience, tools, and business/risk evaluation solutions to provide our clients the best solution.

Because of our broad expertise, we feel uniquely equipped to assist you in identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in your environment and minimizing risks to your organization. Marcum Technology offers a holistic approach comprising all aspects of security relating to people, process, and technology.


Services we offer


Assessment Services for Security, Risk, and Compliance

Software Security Assurance

Ensuring your software applications are free from vulnerabilities


Protection from a full spectrum of vulnerabilities and threats

Digital Forensics

Protecting your interests when a security incident occurs


Secure your enterprise networks and systems


A wide range of Cyber Security and IT Certifications

Penetration Testing

Simulated attacks to validate your security posture

Virtual CISO

Full suite of CISO services on a cost effective contract basis


NYS DFS Cyber Security Requirement

New York State Department of Financial Services now requires all regulated institutions implement a Cyber Security program. 

Marcum Technology has the Finance and Cyber Security expertise to implement a robust Cyber Security program to satisfy this requirement for businesses of all types and sizes.

Learn More about New York State Department of Financial Services Cyber Security Requirements

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